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武春阳1, 阮国平2, 邓重良3, 严德重4, 高飞平1, 武进正2,5, 叶幸儿6, 夏念和6
1.雄王大学, 福寿, 越南;2.越南科学与技术院, 越南国立自然博物馆, 河内, 越南;3.农业遗传研究所, 越南;4.河内药学院, 越南;5.越南科学与技术院科学与技术研究生院, 河内, 越南;6.中国科学院华南植物园, 植物资源保护与可持续利用重点实验室, 广东省数字植物园重点实验室, 广州 510650
据已有文献记载,香姜(姜科)(Alpinia coriandriodora D.Fang)仅分布于广西,现首次在越南发现其分布。该种在形态上与竹叶山姜(A.bambusifolia D.Fang)相近,但其叶片椭圆状披针形、唇瓣浅黄色及带红褐色条纹和花药附属体三角状而与后者有别。提供该种详细的形态学描述以及图版,亦包括在越南的分布及生态的资料。凭证标本保存于越南国立自然博物馆(VNMN)和中国科学院华南植物园(IBSC)。
关键词:  姜科  山姜属  香姜  新记录  越南
基金项目:This work was supported by Hung Vuong University and the National Foundation for Science & Technology Development (Nafosted)[Grant No.106-NN.03-2015.47 (NQB)].
Alpinia coriandriodora D. Fang, A New Record for Flora of Vietnam
VU Xuan Duong1, Nguyen Quoc Binh2, Dang Trong Luong3, Nghiem Duc Trong4, Cao Phi Bang1, VU Tien Chinh2,5, YE Xing-er6, XIA Nian-he6
1.Hung Vuong University, Phu Tho, Vietnam;2.Vietnam National Museum of Nature, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology(VAST), Hanoi, Vietnam;3.Agricultural Genetics Institute(AGI), Vietnam;4.Hanoi College of Pharmacy, Vietnam;5.Graduate University of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam;6.Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Conservation and Utilization & Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Botanical Garden, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510650, China
Alpinia coriandriodora D. Fang, (Zingiberaceae) previously known only from Guangxi Province, China is reported from Vietnam for the first time. It is similar to A. bambusifolia D. Fang but differs in having elliptic-lanceolate leaf blade, light yellow labellum with red-brown stripes and triangular anther crest. A detailed morphological description and colour plate of this species are given. Distribution and ecology information for the species is also provided. The vouchers are kept in the herbaria of Vietnam National Museum of Nature (VNMN) and South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBSC).
Key words:  Zingiberaceae  Alpinia  A. coriandriodora  New record  Vietnam

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