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毛常丽, 吴裕, 张凤良, 何美莹
云南省热带作物科学研究所, 云南 景洪 666100
为了解云南省硬核[Scleropyrum wallichianum(Wight et Arn.)Arn.]的遗传多样性,采用AFLP标记分析了7个居群84份种质材料的遗传变异。结果表明,从64对引物组合中挑选出多态性较好的引物8对,共扩增出1 728条带,其中多态性条带1 388条,多态性百分率为80.14%。硬核在物种水平的多样性指数分别为Na=1.416,Ne=1.179,H=0.137,I=0.225,在居群水平上分别为H=0.111,I=0.175;在遗传相似性系数为0.52时,这些种质材料可分为3组,其中易武居群具有丰富的遗传变异,大部分的遗传变异存在于居群内,而在0.05置信区间内居群间遗传变异仅为11.5%;居群间的遗传距离和地理距离无显著相关性(r=0.0323,P=0.5820)。因此,硬核资源可采用就地和迁地保护策略,以增加其遗传多样性。
关键词:  硬核  AFLP  遗传结构  遗传多样性  引种  保护策略
基金项目:This work was supported by the Projects for Science and Technology Innovation System Construction in Yunnan Province (Grant No.RF2015-4-1).
Genetic Diversity of Scleropyrum wallichianum Based on AFLP Markers
MAO Chang-li, WU Yu, ZHANG Feng-liang, HE Mei-ying
Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops, Jinghong 666100, Yunnan, China
In order to understand the genetic diversity of Scleropyrum wallichianum in Yunnan, the genetic variations of eighty-six germplasms from seven populations were analyzed by using AFLP markers. Eight pairs of AFLP primers with high and stable polymorphism were selected, amplified 1 728 DNA bands, of which 1 388 bands were polymorphic, accounting for 80.14%. The genetic diversity indexes at the species level were Na=1.416, Ne=1.179, H=0.137, I=0.225, and at the population level were H=0.111, I=0.175. At similarity coefficient of 0.52, all germplasms could be divided into three groups. The population YW had abundant genetic diversity, and most of genetic variation existed within populations, while genetic variation among populations was 11.5% under confidence interval of 0.05. There was no significant correlation between genetic distance and geographical distance among populations (r=0.0323, P=0.5820). Therefore, in situ and ex situ protections would be proposed for increasing genetic diversity of S. wallichianum germplasms.
Key words:  Scleropyrum wallichianum  AFLP  Genetic structure  Genetic diversity  Introduction  Conservation strategy

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