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詹妮, 谢耀坚, 陈鸿鹏, 刘果
国家林业局桉树研究开发中心, 广东 湛江 524022
为了解EgrSuSy基因家族的生物学功能,从巨桉(Eucalyptus grandis)基因组数据库中筛选出18个SuSy基因家族成员(EgrSuSy1~EgrSuSy18),采用生物信息学方法对其基因特征与表达模式进行分析。结果表明,EgrSuSy基因分布在7条染色体上,EgrSuSy蛋白均定位在细胞质膜上,EgrSuSy家族成员均不具备信号肽。EgrSuSy蛋白质由α-螺旋、延伸链、无规则卷曲、β-转角组成。EgrSuSy蛋白与毛果杨(Populus trichocarpa)的SuSy蛋白亲缘关系相近。18个EgrSuSy基因在巨桉未成熟木质部、成熟叶片、韧皮部、茎尖、木质部以及幼叶组织中的表达模式不同。因此,EgrSuSy在巨桉不同组织和发育时期的功能可能存在差异。
关键词:  蔗糖合成酶基因  进化分析  表达模式  木材纤维素
Bioinformatics Analysis of SuSy Gene Family in Eucalyptus grandis
ZHAN Ni, XIE Yao-jian, CHEN Hong-peng, LIU Guo
China Eucalypt Research Centre, Zhanjiang 522024, Guangdong, China
In the order to understand the function of EgrSuSy gene families, eighteen members of SuSy gene family were screened from the genomic database of Eucalyptus grandis, namwed EgrSuSy 1-EgrSuSy18, the gene characters and expression patterns were analyzed by using bioinformatics methods. The results showed that EgrSuSy genes distributed in 7 chromosomes, and the EgrSuSy proteins were located on the cytoplasmic membrane. All of the members of the family had not signal peptide. The proteins encoded by EgrSuSy genes were composed with alpha helix, extending chain, random coil and beta corner. Phylogenetic analysis showed that EgrSuSy proteins had close relations with those in Populus trichocarpa. The expression pattern of 18 EgrSuSy were different among tissues, such as immature xylem, mature leaf, phloem, shoot tips, xylem and young leaf. Therefore, EgrSuSy gene would play different roles in different tissues and development stage.
Key words:  Sucrose synthase gene  Evolutionary analysis  Expression pattern  Wood cellulose

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