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李嘉昱, 郝自远, 申宇芳, 李火根
南京林业大学南方现代林业协同创新中心, 南京 210037
为了解鹅掌楸(Liriodendron chinense)的UGE基因功能,采用RACE和EPIC-PCR技术克隆到2个UGE基因,命名为LcUGE1LcUGE2。结果表明,LcUGE1基因的cDNA全长为1 531 bp,包含1 050 bp的开放阅读框,编码349个氨基酸,gDNA长度为11 920 bp;LcUGE2基因的cDNA长度为1 378 bp,包含1 056 bp的开放阅读框,编码351个氨基酸,gDNA长度为6 544 bp。LcUGE1LcUGE2基因均含有9个外显子和8个内含子,且外显子长度和内含子剪切位点序列几乎一致,但内含子片段长度存在显著差异。编码的LcUGE1和LcUGE2蛋白高度保守,保守性达到82%。LcUGE1基因在雄蕊中表达量最高,而LcUGE2基因则在花萼中表达量最高。这表明LcUGEs基因可能参与鹅掌楸的生殖发育过程。
关键词:  鹅掌楸  LcUGE  基因克隆  基因表达
Cloning and Expression of LcUGE in Liriodendron chinense
LI Jia-yu, HAO Zi-yuan, SHEN Yu-fang, LI Huo-gen
Co-Innovation Center for Sustainable Forestry in Southern China, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
In order to understand the function of UGE in Liriodendron chinense, two genes, named LcUGE1 and LcUGE2, were obtained by RACE and EPIC-PCR. The result showed that the full-length cDNA of LcUGE1 and LcUGE2 were 1 531 and 1 378 bp with 1 050 and 1 056 bp open reading frame (ORF), and encoding 349 and 351 amino acids, respectively. Their genome DNA length were 11 920 and 6 544 bp, respectively. Both of LcUGE1 and LcUGE2 genes contained 9 exons and 8 introns. Though the exon length and intron splicing site sequence were almost similar, thier intron fragment length were different. The nucleic acid sequences of LcUGE1 and LcUGE2 were highly conserved up to 82% similarity. The expression of LcUGE1 and LcUGE2 were the highest in stamens and calyx, respectively. Therefore, the LcUGE genes could be involved in reproductive development of L. chinense.
Key words:  Liriodendron chinense  LcUGE  Gene clone  Gene expression

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