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Article No.English TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue No.Copy
3881 Cloning and Expression of LcUGE in Liriodendron chinense LI Jia-yu, HAO Zi-yuan, SHEN Yu-fang and LI Huo-gen 2018,26(6):561-570
3877 Cloning and Expression Analysis of the CaICE1 Gene in Canarium album LAI Rui-lian, CHEN Jin, FENG Xin, CHENG Chun-zhen, WEI Xiao-xia, CHEN Yi-ting and WU Ru-jian 2018,26(6):571-579
3929 Bioinformatics Analysis of SuSy Gene Family in Eucalyptus grandis ZHAN Ni, XIE Yao-jian, CHEN Hong-peng and LIU Guo 2018,26(6):580-588
3882 Genetic Variation Patterns in Leaf Morphology on Eucalypts and Their Hybrids QI Jie, LU Wan-hong, LI Peng, WANG Chu-biao, LIN Yan and LUO Jian-zhong 2018,26(6):589-596
3888 Provenance Characteristics and Early Selection of Casuarina equisetifolia LI Mao-jin 2018,26(6):597-603
3884 Studies on Physiological and Biochemical Characters of Male Sterile Rosa sterilis during Anther Development Stage CHEN Xing-yin, SHI Jian-ming, PENG Chang-qin, YANG Peng and GUAN Ping 2018,26(6):604-610
3907 Effect of Drought Stress with PEG-6000 on Seed Germination and Physiological Properties in Abelmoschus esculentus WANG Ji-yue, SHI Deng-hong, BAI Yu, YANG Dan, ZHANG Ting and LIU Yan 2018,26(6):611-616
3895 Effects of Different Germplasms and Leaf Ages on Amino Acid Formation in Pigeonpea Leaves and Cluster Analysis XU Xiao-yu, LI Ai-ping, WU Si-feng, LI Cheng-xun, HUANG Xu-min and ZHENG Kai-bin 2018,26(6):617-626
3878 Changes in Composition of Anthocyanins in Brunfelsia acuminata Flowers LI Min, LUO Yu-ting, LU Xiao-cao, SUN Yue-ting and QIU Dong-liang 2018,26(6):627-632
3925 Analysis of Endophytes Diversity in Jasminum sambac (L.) Ait by Metagenomic Technology CHEN Mei-chun, ZHU Yu-jing, LIU Bo, WANG Jie-ping, LIU Xiao-gang and YANG Wen-jing 2018,26(6):633-643
3879 Effects of Soil Types in Tea Garden on Distribution and Composition of Rare Earth Elements in Tieguanyin YAO Qing-hua, YAN Sun-an, ZHANG Bing-ling, SU Huo-gui, PAN Huai-yang and LIN Qiu 2018,26(6):644-650
3893 Community Composition and Regeneration Types of Dominant Species in Evergreen and Deciduous Broad-leaved Mixed Karst Forest in Maolan National Nature Reserve, Guizhou Province WU Bang-li, LONG Cui-ling and QIN Sui-tao 2018,26(6):651-660
3898 Effect of Climate Change in Future on Geographical Distribution of Widespread Quercus acutissima and Analysis of Dominant Climatic Factors GUAN Xin-yi, SHI Wei and CAO Kun-fang 2018,26(6):661-668
3891 Taxonomic Revision of Chaetoceros diversus and C. laevis XU Xiao-jing and LI Yang 2018,26(6):669-676
3897 Petrosaviaceae, A New Familial Record of Angiosperm from Myanmar JIN Xiao-hua and MINT Zaw 2018,26(6):677-678
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