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Effect of Temperature and Precipitation on Radial Growth of Larix sibirica along Altitudinal Gradient on Altay Mountains, Xinjiang, China 2019,27(6):623-632
Elevational Heterogeneity in Radial Growth-climate Association of Pinus massoniana in Southeastern China 2019,27(6):633-641
Purification of Eutrophic Water by Native Aquatic Plants 2019,27(6):642-648
Physiological Response of High Quality Forage Desmodium intortum to Low Temperature Stress and Rapid Identification of Its Cold Tolerance 2019,27(6):649-658
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Camellia oleifera Resources Based on SRAP Markers in Hainan Island 2019,27(6):659-668
Genetic Diversity of Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis Populations in Eastern Coast of China 2019,27(6):669-676
Changes in Cell Wall Components and Related Enzyme Activities of Canarium album during Fruit Development Stage 2019,27(6):677-683
Gene Cloning and Expression Analysis of BRI1 in Eucalyptus grandis 2019,27(6):684-692
Analysis of Related Genes in Phytosterol Biosynthesis in Dendrobium officinale Based on Transcriptome Sequencing Technology 2019,27(6):693-701
Transcriptome Analysis of Flavonoid Synthesis Related Genes in Different Maturity Leaves of Myrciaria cauliflora 2019,27(6):702-712
Taxonomic Revision of Chinese Molluginaceae 2019,27(6):713-720
Paphiopedilum×ailaoshanense, A New Natural Hybrid Species of Orchidaceae from China 2019,27(6):721-725
Reimnitzia, A Newly Recorded Lichen Genus to China 2019,27(6):726-730
Bioactivity Metabolite from the Endophytics Penicillium citrinum and P. polonicum of Portulaca oleracea Against Ralstonia solanacearum 2019,27(6):731-738

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