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Potential Geographical Distribution of Polygonatum kingianum and Its Climatic Suitability Analysis 2018,26(5):439-448
Species Relationship among Typical Marshland Plants in Poyang Lake Region on Different Sample Scale 2018,26(5):449-456
Interspecific Comparisons and Correlation Analysis of Water Physiological Characteristics of Tree Saplings of Lauraceae 2018,26(5):457-464
Study on Diversity of Bryophytes on the Wall in Karst Urban Guiyang City 2018,26(5):473-480
Study on Species Diversity of Epiphyllous Liverworts in Karst Region of Guangxi-Vietnam Border 2018,26(5):481-489
Analysis of Secretion Pattern and Soluble Sugar Composition and Contents in Litchi Nectar 2018,26(5):490-496
Effect of Media on Growth and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Characteristics of Mytilaria laosensis Container Seedlings 2018,26(5):497-505
Genetic Variation, Excellent Family and Individual Selection of 9-year-old Liquidambar formosana 2018,26(5):506-514
Transcriptome Analysis of Transcription Factors of Rhododendron pulchurum ‘Baifeng4’ under Different Water Conditions 2018,26(5):515-522
Genome C Value and Variation Analysis of Cultivated Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) Germplasms by Flow Cytometry 2018,26(5):523-528
Pollen Morphology of Callerya Endl. and Millettia Wight et Arn. (Leguminosae) from China and Its Systematic Implications 2018,26(5):529-537
Bulbophyllum sarcophylloides, A New Record of Orchidaceae from China 2018,26(5):538-540
Two Newly Record Naturalized Species in China 2018,26(5):541-544
Impatiens napoensis Y. L. Chen, A Newly Recorded Species for the Flora of Vietnam 2018,26(5):545-548
Taxonomic Identity of Glochidion fortunei Hance (Phyllanthaceae) 2018,26(5):549-552
Pogostemon chinensis (Lamiaceae), A Newly Recorded Species from India 2018,26(5):553-555
Chemical Constituents from Roots of Canna generalis 2018,26(5):556-560

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