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Nitrogenase and N2O Reductase Activities of Detached Nodules and Site Soils of Casuarina cunninghamiana and Alnus trabeculosa 2019,27(2):121-128
Response of Leaf Functional Traits of Shrubs to Altitude in Rhododendron latoucheae Communities in Mt. Jinggangshan, Jiangxi, China 2019,27(2):129-138
Effects of Silicon on Growth and Photosynthetic Physiology of Red Sandalwood Seedlings after Cold Stress 2019,27(2):139-148
Effects of Salt Stress on Resistance Physiology of Four Rice Germplasms 2019,27(2):149-156
Physiology and Biochemical Characteristics of Canavalia maritime under Stress 2019,27(2):157-163
Study on Physiological Mechanism of Alleviating Effect of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid on Camptotheca acuminata Seedlings under Salt Stress 2019,27(2):164-170
Quantitative Study on Conservation Priority of Rare and Endangered Plants in Lushan National Nature Reserve, Jiangxi 2019,27(2):171-180
Microsporogenesis and Male Gametophyte Development of Dodonaea viscosa 2019,27(2):181-186
Preliminary Studies on Effects of Host Functional Traits on Host Specificity of Mistletoe Species 2019,27(2):187-195
Study on Chemical Constituents of Chinese Agarwood ‘Qi-Nan’ 2019,27(2):196-202
Isolation, Identification and Biological Evaluation of Gigantifolinol from Ardisia gigantifolia 2019,27(2):203-207
LC-MS Guided Isolation of Chemical Constituents from Pseuderanthemum latifolium and Their Biological Activities 2019,27(2):208-212
Non-flavonoid Constituents from the Leaves of Dalbergia odorifera 2019,27(2):213-218
Chemical Constituents from Artificially Induced Dragon's Blood of Dracaena cambodiana 2019,27(2):219-224
Roles of PPR Proteins in Plant Growth and Development 2019,27(2):225-234

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