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Studies on Genetic Diversity on Inflorescence Phenotypic Characteristics of Canarium album Germplasm Resource 2019,27(1):1-10
Study on Secondary Metabolites of Endophytic Fungus Phyllosticta aristolochiicola from Dendrobium officinale 2019,27(1):102-108
Studies on Huperzine A Accumulation and Biochemical Characteristics in Thallus of Huperzia serrata in vitro by Liquid Culture 2019,27(1):109-114
Cloning and Expression Analysis of POD Genes in Kiwifruit 2019,27(1):11-18
Methoxylation of the Stilbenes Originated from Leaves of Cajanus cajan and Their Anti-tumor Activities in vitro 2019,27(1):115-120
Studies on Genetic Diversity of Juglans Cultivar Germplasms in Sichuan Based on RAD-SNPs Analysis 2019,27(1):19-28
Genetic Diversity of Scleropyrum wallichianum Based on AFLP Markers 2019,27(1):29-35
Adaptive Evolutionary Analysis of the rbcL Gene from Compsopogon (Rhodophyta) 2019,27(1):36-44
Molecular Identification and Resistance Evaluation to Smut and Mosaic Disease with BC1 of Saccharum×Erianthus arundinaceus 2019,27(1):45-52
Preliminary Identification and Evaluation of 12 Strains of HoCP Series in Sugarcane Germplasm Resources 2019,27(1):53-59
In vitro Culture and Establishment of Rapid Regeneration System of Rauvolfia vomitoria 2019,27(1):60-64
Spatial Genetic Structure of Aquilaria sinensis in Wuguishan, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province 2019,27(1):65-73
Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Phenology at Flowering Period of 10 Species in Ka Ho Hill, Macao 2019,27(1):74-82
Ecological and Biological Characteristics of Vigna marina 2019,27(1):83-89
Content Analysis of Holotype Specimens Collected from Dinghushan National Nature Reserve of Guangdong, China 2019,27(1):90-98
Alpinia coriandriodora D. Fang, A New Record for Flora of Vietnam 2019,27(1):99-101

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