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Investigation on Non-coevolutionary Trends of the Invasive Plant Mikania micrantha and Its Neighbouring Species by Analyzing Their Intraspecific and Interspecific Allelopathy 2020,28(1):1-9
Relating Invasive Alien Species in Plantations to Dissimilarity of Undergrowth Vegetation Structure 2020,28(1):10-16
Growth Dynamics of Acacia auriculiformis under Cadmium Pollution and Its Combination with Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Nitrogen Addition 2020,28(1):17-24
Effects of Shading on Leaf Morphology, Photosynthetic Characteristics, and Growth of Ilex asprella 2020,28(1):25-34
Effect of Continuous Planting of Eucalyptus grandis on Biomass and Number of Soil Microbes 2020,28(1):35-43
Community Characteristics and Species Diversity of Pinus armandii in Caohai National Nature Reserve 2020,28(1):44-52
Response to Drought Stress Simulated by PEG of Phalaenopsis pulcherrima 2020,28(1):53-61
Effect of Microhabitat on Epigenetic Variation of Dinghu Mountain Castanopsis chinensis Hance 2020,28(1):62-69
Characteristics of Antioxidant Responses of Mangifera indica Leaves by Enhanced UV-B Radiation 2020,28(1):70-77
Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Plant Growth and Secondary Metabolism in Citrus reticulata 2020,28(1):78-83
Culture in vitro of Lavender angustifolia and Volatile Components Analysis 2020,28(1):84-90
Three Species of Crustose Lichens New to China 2020,28(1):91-95
Three Biatora Species New to China 2020,28(1):96-100
Cuminum borszczowii (Regel et Schmalh.) Koso-Pol., A Newly Recorded Species of Apiaceae from China 2020,28(1):101-104
Advances in Effect of Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Nematode Communities 2020,28(1):105-114

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