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Modeling the Geographical Distribution Pattern and Climatic Limited Factors of Cerasus schneideriana 2017,25(4):315-322
Effects of Shading on Physio-ecology Characteristics of Bischofia javanica Seedlings 2017,25(4):323-330
Effects of Different Treatments on Germination Characteristics of Mature and Over-mature Seeds of Sindora glabra 2017,25(4):331-338
Effect of Shading on Changes in Leaf Color and Nutrient Accumulation of Nandina domestica ‘Hongye’ 2017,25(4):339-347
Effects of Exogenous Ascorbic Acid and Methy Jasmonate on Ethephon-induced Leaf Senescence in Rice 2017,25(4):348-356
Thermotolerance of Luffa acutangula Seedlings and Their Physiological Response to Heat Stress 2017,25(4):357-369
Dynamic Changes in Alcohol Soluble Components and Six Kinds of Substances from Dendrobium officinale 2017,25(4):370-378
Analysis of Leaf Characteristics and Content of Total Flavonoids among Varieties of Olea europaea L. 2017,25(4):379-386
Studies on Chemical Constituents from the Roots of Bombax ceiba 2017,25(4):387-393
Chemical Constituents from Gochnatia decora Barks and Their Anti-inflammatory Activities 2017,25(4):394-398
Morphological and Phylogenetic Studies on Chaetoceros brevis Schütt and Its Allied Taxa 2017,25(4):399-408
Research Advances on Cytogenetics of Avena (Pooideae, Poaceae) 2017,25(4):409-418

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