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Driving Mechanism of Vegetation Coverage Change in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin under the Stress of Global Warming 2017,25(3):209-217
Effects of Water and Nutrient Stresses on Growth and Leaf Variation of Eucalyptus urophylla Clones 2017,25(3):218-224
Effect of Chimonobambusa utilis on the Number of Saplings of Fagus lucida Population 2017,25(3):225-232
Research on Photosynthetic Eco-physiological Characteristics of Oxytenanthera abyssinica Seedlings 2017,25(3):233-240
Cloning and Expression Analysis of miR398 and miR408 in Phyllostachys edulis 2017,25(3):241-249
Screening of Reference Genes in Ananas comosus var. bracteatus for qRT-PCR 2017,25(3):250-256
Variation Analysis and Early Selection for Eucalyptus grandis Provenances/Families in Central South Yunnan Province 2017,25(3):257-263
Study on Phenotype Variations of Capsules and Seeds in Plukenetia volubilis L. 2017,25(3):264-270
Screening and Identification Twenty-five Strains of Taxane-producing Endophytic Fungi from Taxus chinensis var. mairei 2017,25(3):271-278
Pteroceras teres, A New Record of Orchidaceae from China 2017,25(3):279-281
Hymenandra A. DC. (Primulaceae), A New Generic Record for China 2017,25(3):282-284
A Newly Recorded Species of Fissistigma Griffith (Annonaceae) from China 2017,25(3):285-287
Dynamic Changes in Alien Invasive Plants in Guangzhou during 2008- 2016 2017,25(3):288-298
Development of Micro- and Mega-spores and Morphology of Floral Organ in Osmanthus fragrans ‘Zao Zi Yin’ 2017,25(3):299-308
Chemical Constituents from Fresh Sweet Star Fruit 2017,25(3):309-314

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