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Soil Water Use and Adaptive Regulation of Schima superba in the Dry and Wet Seasons 2017,25(2):105-114
Seasonal Dynamics in Soil Microorganisms Diversity of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in Wuyi Mountains, Southeastern China 2017,25(2):115-126
Ecological Stoichiometric Characteristrics of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Litter and Soil of Eucalyptus urophylla × E. grandis Plantation at Different Forest Ages 2017,25(2):127-135
Induction of Hairy Roots in Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii 2017,25(2):136-140
Effect of Short-term Extreme High Temperature on Seed Vigor of Celosia cristata and Physiological Characteristics of Early Seedlings 2017,25(2):141-148
Genetic Relationships among 19 Breeding Parents of Asparagus by ISSR 2017,25(2):149-156
Differences Analysis of Cellulase Activity and Its Related Gene Expression in Shoots of Camellia sinensis 2017,25(2):157-162
Influence Factors on Offspring Reproduction of Pollinator in a Highly Species-specific Mutualism of Ficus 2017,25(2):163-170
Habenaria lindleyana, A Newly Recorded Species of Habenaria (Orchidaceae) from China 2017,25(2):171-174
A Newly Recorded Species of Gramineae from China: Coelachne japonica Hack. 2017,25(2):175-178
Sidastrum Baker f. (Malvaceae), A Newly Recorded Genus from China 2017,25(2):179-181
Chemical Constituents from the Cultivated Clerodendranthus spicatus (Thunb.) C. Y. Wu in Hainan 2017,25(2):182-188
Chemical Constituents from Dendrobium sinense 2017,25(2):189-194
Phenylpropanoids from Lentopodium lenotopodioides 2017,25(2):195-201
Overview of Ordination Methods Application in Relationship between Plant Community and Environment 2017,25(2):202-208

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