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Significance of Phylogenetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Structure in Conservation of Island Plant Communites:A Case of Wuzhizhou Island 2017,25(5):419-428
Functional Traits and Evolution Trend of Wild Plants in Continental Island:A Case Study of Pingtan Island 2017,25(5):429-437
Studies on the Seed Dispersal and Secondary Succession of Offshore Islands, Hong Kong 2017,25(5):438-444
Phenotypic Variation of Panax notoginseng and Response to Climatic Factors 2017,25(5):445-455
Study on the Enrichment Abilities of 52 Landscape Trees on Atmospheric Sulfur and Fluorine Pollutions in Northern Zhejiang 2017,25(5):456-464
Leaf Quantitative Traits and Growth Evaluation in Acacia melanoxylon Excellent Clones 2017,25(5):465-471
Fine Root Biomass Distribution of Moso Bamboo at Different Ages 2017,25(5):472-479
Effects of Space Mutation on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Growth of Dendrobium nobile 2017,25(5):480-488
Effect of NaCl Stress on Physiological Responses and Anatomical Structure of Salix spp. Seedlings 2017,25(5):489-496
Heterosis and Parentage Regression Relation Analysis of Seed Reserve Utilization Efficiency in Sh2 Sweet Corn 2017,25(5):497-502
Heat Tolerance Threshold of Leaves in vitro in Glehnia littoralis and Calystegia soldanella Association with the Mechanism of Growth Stagnation in Summer 2017,25(5):503-509
Effects of Fruit Maturity and Storage Conditions on Aseptic Germination of Loquat Seeds 2017,25(5):510-516
Flavonoids from the Stems of Alpinia hainanensis ‘Shengzhen’ 2017,25(5):517-522

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