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Indicative Effect of Ground Vegetation on Soil Nutrient Status in Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest of Guangdong 2020,28(2):115-123
Effect of Epulorhiza sp. on Root Morphology of Dendrobium officinale and Their Symbiotic Relationship 2020,28(2):124-130
C, N, and P Concentrations and Their Stoichiometry of Leaves and Roots with Different Life Forms in Hainan Province 2020,28(2):131-135
Potential Distribution and Ecological Characteristic of Chinese Endemic Species Cerasus xueluoensis 2020,28(2):136-144
Dynamics of Potential Distribution of Cyclobalanopsis Forest in Guizhou Province of China under Global Climate Change 2020,28(2):145-152
Identification and Fingerprint Construction of 19 New Hybrid Varieties (Lines) of Loquat by SSR 2020,28(2):153-162
Effect of Planting Pattern on the Growth of Morinda officinalis 2020,28(2):163-170
UV-B-induced Drought Tolerance Improvement in Arabidopsis thaliana 2020,28(2):171-176
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Two Color Leaves of Podocarpus nagi 2020,28(2):177-184
Analysis on Leaf Phenotypic Traits of Excellent Single Plant Family Moranga oleifera 2020,28(2):185-191
Opuntia cespitosa Rafinesque, A New Naturalized Species of Cactaceae from China 2020,28(2):192-196
New Record of the Rubiaceous Plants for the Flora of Hong Kong 2020,28(2):197-200
Dendrobium naungmungense Q. Liu & X. H. Jin, A New Record of Orchidaceae from China 2020,28(2):201-202
Metabolites of Fusarium tricinctum, An Endophytic Fungus Isolated from Ningguo Peucedanum praeruptorum on Solid Fermentation 2020,28(2):203-208
Research Progress of Vegetative Vivipary in Plants 2020,28(2):209-216

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