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Molecular Characteristics and Expression Analysis of Brassinolide Receptor Kinase Genes in Phyllostachys edulis 2018,26(3):215-223
Analysis of DNA Methylation Diversity among Provenances of Piuns caribaea Morelet Seedlings 2018,26(3):224-232
Studies on Antioxidant and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities of Ethanol Extracts from Peels and Seeds of Jaboticaba at Different Maturities 2018,26(3):233-240
Effect of NaCl Stress on Antioxidant System in Kandelia candel Roots 2018,26(3):241-248
Effect of Cryopreservation on Structure, Physiology and Biochemical Characteristics of Dipterocarpus turbinatus Seeds 2018,26(3):249-254
Effect of Light Intensity on Growth and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters of Belosynapsis ciliata 2018,26(3):255-261
Elemental Characteristics of Three Landscape Species under Salt Stress in South China 2018,26(3):262-271
Studies on Intra- and Inter-specific Competition of Hamamelis mollis 2018,26(3):272-277
Studies on Development of Megasporogenesis and Female Gametophyte of Bambusa multiplex 2018,26(3):278-284
Comparative Studies on Morphological Variation of Core and Peripheral Populations of Primula merrilliana 2018,26(3):285-292
Cleisostoma tricornutum Averyanov, A Newly Recorded Species of Cleisostoma(Orchidaceae) from China 2018,26(3):293-295
Valerianella locusta (Linn.) Laterr., A Newly Recorded Species of Valerianaceae in Jiangsu Province, China 2018,26(3):296-298
Porophyllum Guettard (Asteraceae), A Newly Naturalized Genus to China 2018,26(3):299-301
Analysis of Aromatics, Catechins and Free Amino Acids in Different Strains of ‘Shida Tea’ 2018,26(3):302-308
Chemical Constituents from the Neoboletus brunneissimus 2018,26(3):309-316
Chemical Constituents from the Leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus 2018,26(3):317-322

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