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Dynamic Monitoring of Ecological Vulnerability in the Semi-arid Desert and Steppe Ecological Zone of Northern China Based on RS and Its Driving Mechanism Analysis 2018,26(1):1-12
Characteristics of Seed Rain and Soil Seed Bank of Dacrydium pierrei in Bawangling, Hainan 2018,26(1):13-23
Studies on Potential Suitable Growth Areas and Protection of Camellia nitidissima Based on GIS and Maxent Model 2018,26(1):24-32
Eco-physiological Characteristics of Morinda citrifolia 2018,26(1):33-39
Physiological and Biological Characteristics of Terminalia catappa 2018,26(1):40-46
Genetic Variation of Seedling Growth of Litsea cubeba from Different Provenances/families 2018,26(1):47-55
Isolation and Molecular Identification of Endophytic Fungi from Artemisia annua and Promoting Effect of Trichoderma atroviride on Its Growth 2018,26(1):56-64
Effects of Artificial Pollination on Fruit Setting and Seed Germination of Dendrobium officinale Germplasms 2018,26(1):65-72
Effect of Zn, B Fertilization on Flavonoids Accumulation in Spatholobus suberectus Dunn. 2018,26(1):73-78
Triuridaceae, A New Familial Record of Angiosperm from Myanmar 2018,26(1):79-81
Hoya tamdaoensis, A Newly Recorded Species of Apocynaceae from China 2018,26(1):82-84
Amide Alkaloids from the Seeds of Clausena lansium and Their Nematicidal Activities 2018,26(1):85-91
Advance in Researches on Eco-physiological Adaptability of Epiphytes 2018,26(1):92-106

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